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Dotrell McNeal born and raised in Florida is a motivated, inspiring, and experienced certified Life/Success Coach, NLP Practitioner, EFT, Time techniques Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Speaker, and Author. Dotrell’s focus is helping women and entrepreneurs Unleash their full potential.

Hey there Confident Creator let’s chat a little, can we do that? Ok Kool!

So you’re probably wondering why was I called a confident creator lol the reason is that you are! You are the creator of your life.

You are here reading this because you know deep down inside that Your Confidence Matters and you are ready to stand/walk in your confidence.

Dotrell is here to help you understand and realize that your confidence does matter and insecurities MUST go. You must begin to understand that you DON’T need external validation from others to become confidently you. Realize that YOUR internal validation gives you permission to be what you want, do what you want, and have what you want with full self-confidence.

Dotrell wants you to know that it all starts within your “Mindset”, yes That’s right your confidence starts with the thoughts you think about, and the things you say to yourself and about yourself.

Dotrell took a step out on faith and went to a model casting call in 2011, that’s how she began to build up her self-confidence over the years by taking that step out on Faith. That leap of faith has helped Dotrell birth not one but two businesses. So, saying all of that to say this. Sometimes you just have to step out on faith and take that risk even when you’re scared, when the voices say you can’t when others are not supporting you, You have to support yourself and clap for yourself while pushing through the fear. Dotrell knows making unfamiliar decisions outside your comfort zone can be scary, but you’ll never know what’s on the other side if you choose to stay one-sided and closed-minded.

By now you should know that Dotrell is all about building and having the self-confidence to take risks outside of your comfort zone to become confidently you, but if your mindset isn’t in the right space you will have some struggles getting there.

Don’t worry Dotrell got you!

Take a moment and think about these questions and be honest with yourself, OK?

Now let me ask you: What does having Self-Confidence mean to you?
*How important is it to you to excel in your life/business?
*How does staying in your comfort zone effect your self-confidence?
*What people places, and things makes you feel most confident about yourself?


Your Confidence Matters and Insecurities Must Go!

Dotrell would love to hear from you about your journey on building your self-confidence and how you are continuing to build or if you are just starting and looking for guidance. Feel free to message her on Instagram

Clients Feedback

Check out what others had to say about their experience working with Dotrell

The Clarity Confidence & Courage Program for service-based entrepreneurs has been amazing. The last eight weeks have provided me with a true insight on confidence. The knowledge base and the expertise that is possessed by Ms. McNeal has paved a pathway of excellence. As a service-based entrepreneur my primary goal is building exceptional confidence-based relationship. The essential keys that Ms. McNeal provided are from her exceptional knowledge and experience. My self-confidence following the program exceeded my expectations personally and professionally. I highly recommend The Clarity Confidence & Courage Program for service-based entrepreneurs.

J. Anderson

Medical Cannabis Consultant

“When I had my session with Dotrell, it was the day before my launch. My stomach was literally in knots and I was second guessing pretty much everything. Within in 15 minutes she lead me through a tapping session and I instantly felt better when it was done. The pain that was in my stomach beforehand was gone and I was left with a sense of calm and confidence. She helped me work through some strategies and by the end of our coaching session I was excited instead of anxious. I highly recommend working with Dotrell. She is encouraging and caring  and is not afraid to give a little tough love if needed. My launch went better than i could have imagined and Dotrell was a huge part of that”

Tamara H.

 Life Coach (Nova Scotia Canada)


Just wanted to follow up with you to tell you that our session was exactly what I needed! I have spent months trying to figure out who my audience was and how could I find them. I have even asked others for guidance and I never received clear guidance. Within our 20 min session you gave me the clear clarity I needed to do and how. The nuggets you gave me opened my eyes and was like a breath of fresh air. Many thanks to you for giving me the understanding that I have been trying to find as it regards to knowing and understanding who my audience is. It was beyond helpful .”

K. Noel

Motivational Speaker & Author

This is what Dotrell can do for you!

Ready to take ACTION and get to work?

Dotrell is a Confidence Coach & Mindset Mentor

Dotrell can help you begin to shift your mindset so that you can gain Clarity Confidence & Courage while unleashing your full potential.

Are you ready to release your limiting beliefs with confidence so that you begin showing up in your business/life?

Are you ready to do the work that is given?

Here’s how Dotrell can help you!

Dotrell will help you learn how to understand the language of your mind.

Dotrell will help you learn how to master setting up goals.

Dotrell will teach you how to get into the feeling and identity of the person you want to become.

Dotrell will help you release negative feelings/emotions.

And she will help you learn how to create achievable outcomes and identify your evidence procedure.

Remember you have a choice. You can’t become who you want to be by being stuck as who you are now. Love you first know your worth and remember to always be confidently you!

Your Confidence Matters and Insecurities Must Go!

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